Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dallas Stars 2011 NHL Draft Preview

With the 2011 NHL Entry Draft around the corner, the Dallas Stars are looking at their options of who to pick with their 14th overall pick this year in Minnesota. Players that come to mind that will fit the Stars needs and their organization would be players like Mark McNeil, Jamie Oleksiak, Joel Armia, Mark Scheifele, Duncan Siemens and Oscar Klefbom. When the Stars go up to make their pick on June 24th, chances are most of these players will be available. The only question will be, which one will they pick?

 If you ask any Stars fan, the past two first round picks GM Joe Nieuwendyk and the Dallas Stars management have made have been real head scratchers. In the 2009 NHL Entry Draft the Dallas Stars had the 8th overall pick in the draft. When the Stars staff including new GM at the time Nieuwendyk went up to make their pick, Magnus Paajarvi and Jared Cowen surprisingly were still available. Stars fans were hoping for either one, little did they know we would be in for a surprise. "The Dallas Stars select from the Canadian hockey league, Brandon Wheat Kings, Scott Glennie." Those were the exact words that came out of Tim Berhhardt mouth. That's when Stars fans were confused and frustrated after being sure they would see Paajarvi or Cowen putting on a Stars jersey instead of Glennie. 

Dallas Stars select Scott Glennie 8th overall in the 2009 NHL Draft

A year later the Stars had the 11th pick in the 2010 NHL draft and once again two big names dropped, Cam Fowler and Brandon Gormley. Both were available when the Stars went up to make their pick, and every Stars fan watching was excited because they knew that one of the two players would be a great fit to the Stars organization and would help their future. But once again the Stars staff made another head scratching move by picking Jack Campbell 11th overall passing the opportunity of drafting Fowler or Gormley when it was clear that either one would have made more sense to draft considering they had just signed goaltender Kari Lehtonen last month to a four year deal.

Dallas Stars select Jack Campbell 11th overall in the 2010 NHL Draft

Don't get me wrong here, both Glennie and Campbell are both very talented prospects and will be a big part of our future in Dallas if not, in another organization. Although as a Stars fan Paajarvi and Cowen would have been the better choice over Glennie, while the same could be said about the Campbell situation and how Fowler and Gormley would have been the better choice over Campbell. But that's just speaking in the present, it could change in the future. You never know with prospects. Just hope that the Dallas staff and management see something in Glennie and Campbell that we don't and they'll turn out to be something special for the Stars.

With all that behind us, we look ahead at the upcoming draft. Stars fans are hoping the management won't make another head scratching pick and if a big name player drops on the draft board when were up on the stage ready to announce our pick that this time we pick him. Wouldn't be surprise seeing Murphy dropping down, Siemens is another name that comes to mind. Both those players could help the Stars significantly in the future if they do fall in the draft.

If that doesn't happen Stars could really use a good stay at home defensemen, know's how to play physical and could kill a penalty.  First name that would come to mind is Jamie Oleksiak, a huge 6'7 defensemen who has terrific strength, moves well for his size and has great agility and athleticism. He knows how to deliver huge hits and could turn into a solid two-way defensemen. Oscar Klefbom is another potential pick for the Dallas Stars. Klefbom could become a physical defensemen, has great strength and his able to win battles. He's very calm when he has the puck on his stick, makes good decision and could move the puck up the ice well.

Besides defense, Dallas could really use a good center who knows how to play physical, not afraid to go to the net, and is able to play in key moments of a game. Mark McNeil is the guy for the Stars. He fits the Stars needs perfectly. McNeil is a right handed center who you can relay on in key moments of the game to get goals, kill penalties, win a faceoff and play against certain players on the opposing team. McNeil with his size and agility is hard to stop when he's driving to the net. He could win battles infront of the net and in the corner, know's how to use his size and isn't afraid to drop the gloves.

Center Mark McNeil is projected to go somewhere in the middle of the 1st round

Those are the top three players I feel would fit the Stars needs and could help the Stars get better in the future. McNeil the center the Stars are looking for, Oleksiak a good two-way defensemen and Klefbom another solid defensemen, who knows how to play physical and can win battles. Some honorable mentions would be Joel Armia, Mark Scheifele and Jonas Brodin. 

NHL Entry Draft 2011 will start on June 24th and will finish June 25th. Really looking forward for it, and can't wait to see who the Stars will draft this year with all the talent!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Go Stars Go!!!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011



  1. Well buddy...We have certainly come a long way since this blog's intro ;)

    Very well written piece, a must read for any Dallas fan.

    Here's to you!

    P.S. - Anton Khudobin = Stanley Cup Winner! Not fatty! :)

  2. Good read. So tough to predict which way theyre gonna go this year especially. And with this year's crop of players, who knows.

    biggestfanever from the boards

  3. Thanks too both.

    Travis - Yeah, I agree with you. Just hope they pick smart this year, McNeil, Klefbom and Olesiak would be a great additions to the organization, hope they grab one of the three. I'm excited to see who we pick.

    P.S. Make sure to follow me, i'll be making many articles on the Stars as mentioned on the boards


  4. Great read, really enjoyed it! Keep it up

  5. Good article man. McNeill is our man, don't forget his play making ability. I would take Klefbom and even Brodin over Oleksiak though. His size is an eye catcher, but realistically he should go around 26th or 27th pick. I would hate for the stars to make another mistake like taking Fistric instead of Mike Green. I liked the Glennie pick, but was expecting the stars to trade down to #16 to get him. It hurts that Paajarvi and Fowler are already making such an impact at the NHL level. The risky head scratcher this year will be Armia and I think he's the guy the stars are after.

  6. Thanks, McNeil is the player i'd like the Stars to pick. Reminds me a bit of Morrow and Ribeiro. (Gritty, generates scoring chances, can change momentum of a game and like you said has good playmaking abilities).
    Didn't mind the Glennie pick as much, JC pick bothered me much more, but either way both picks are head scrathers at the moment.
    As for Armia, i've read that the Stars have had long talks with him, so there is a possibility we draft him. Wouldn't mind that considering the success we've had with Finns (such as Jussi and Lehts) over the years. He just wouldn't be my first choice.

    Whatever happens though, it should be exciting. I'm very anxious to see how the draft turns out and who we pick!